Industries Institute Partners


Every Stake Holder, viz Institution, industry, students and society endeavor to attain a symbiotic relation, our institution aims to attain by way of up to date curriculum criteria based activities, emanate source of routine by means of R&D and consultancy, human resource for job opportunities, societal relevance, establishment of brand name; faculties to stand by way of excellence and exposure to latest Industry practices for further effective learning - teaching process etc.

Our students, to avail by way of hands – on training, reduction of cost without compromising the quality, in industrial practices, the society stands to attain to avail by of improved quality of goods and services. The vision of Industry Institute Partnership (IIP) Cell is to bridge the gap between industry expectation (Practice) and academic offering by means of direct involvement of Industry to attain a symbiosis.

  • To support the department for increasing their industrial relationship.
  • To enhance the utilizations of Institute/Industrial infrastructure for the mutual benefit.
  • To motivate the faculty to involve more in real time problems.
  • To acquaint the industry with the existing programmes of technical education and their implementation aspects
  • To involve the working professionals in teaching and management of institutions.
  • To offer research, development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial problems.
  • To offer growth oriented training Programmes to working personnel from industry.
  • To assist the industry in the selection of suitable candidates to fill up jobs positions through campus interviews and other selection procedures.
  • To collaborate with the board of Apprenticeship Training and industry for the training & Placement of Institute pass outs.
  • To get feedback on institute pass outs from employers and involve them in design and review of curricula.
  • To share the experience and expertise between institutions and industry for mutual benefit.
  • To develop good work culture in students.
  • To enable the industries ready to offer their problems to the faculty team to solve.
  • To enable to exhibit the institution strength to the Industry.
  • To organize need based staff development programmes.
  • To organize extension lectures by experts from industry.
  • To promote entrepreneurship in technical institution.