Industry Academic Partners


For an Enhanced Higher Education Experience and Ready-to-Deploy Talent

We are one of the few colleges in the state to provide Industry Mapped Professional Training and Development Program as part of our academics to make our students ready-to-deploy talent for the industry.
We provide the following infrastructure and facilities through PurpleLeap Atrium for Career Excellence.     

World-class Learning Infrastructure     

Our college provides cutting-edge learning infrastructure that takes learning beyond the four walls of classroom. Our college is equipped with:     

  • VSAT enabled digital classrooms for industry interaction and training by SMEs
  • Learning and Knowledge Management System
  • Assessment Engine for periodic evaluation of students’ performance
  • Online Student Portal with discussion forums and collaboration tools


Industry Engagement Platform
To develop Business Perspective and Context, Engineering students must engage and interact with the industry on a continuous basis. PurpleLeap Industry Engagement Platform makes it feasible for the institute to bring the industry to its doorstep.

  • Guest Lectures and Case Study Discussions
  • Internships and Projects
  • Mentoring and Coaching


Industry mapped Training for Professional Development – Making students Industry Ready
Our college adopts a comprehensive skill development approach across technical and business skills. We believe that students need to start developing these skills as early as they step into our college. Hence, our professional development program spans across 4 years starting from the first year itself.

    Business Skills/Soft Skill Training, Communications, Problem Solving and Personal Effectiveness that gives the students an edge in Interviews and later in their professional life.
    Industry recognized technical certifications like Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens that help students keep pace with the ever changing needs of the industry.

Quality Placements     

  • We provide domain specific opportunities to students.