science and humanities


To emerge very highly international technical skills in creating and disseminating knowledge and providing students with high research, development and a unique learning experience in Science and Technology and to make them the best qualified students for future needs.


To fabricate excellence in teaching and learning with best resources to educate students professionally in employability by providing a healthy learning environment with new ideas and intellectuals.



The Department of English focuses to develop the students’ language proficiency in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills in English, also trains the students on the accent of Received Pronunciation. The department conducts frequently remedial classes for the late bloomers. It provides an ample of opportunities to enhance their language in the globalized scenario. The department also improves their communication skills and makes them employable and competent. Moreover it focuses the students’ personality development and soft skills to be a refined human being. A well furnished communication skills laboratory, with all facilities is to indulge the students to develop their communication skills always.


The Department of Mathematics inculcates the knowledge of Arithmetic and its Applications in Engineering and Technology. It is gifted with a dedicated team of experienced faculty members.

The department is proud in producing consistently very good results in the University Examinations. It trains the students to get high scores in GRE, G MAT, CAT, GATE, and IEEE to pursue their higher studies and enable them employable in the present Globalized scenario. It also conducts regular remedial classes for the weak students and late bloomers. The department consistently motivates and encourages the students to participate in the seminars, symposiums conducted by Anna University and other Engineering Colleges. Moreover the faculty members are involved in disciplinary activities to build a very good association among the students.


Projecting the scientific and technological developments to the society, the department brings up the students as educated individuals who are adeptly equipped for the life. The department considers its goal within the scope of academic excellence and leadership in physical sciences. In this frame, the department's aim is to accumulate the physics knowledge, developing and sharing it in a scientific community that shares common principles; agrees on its goals, open to innovations; respects and cares for each other as well as bears social responsibility. The department has dedicated itself for lifelong learning through academic and social programs; acquisition of new knowledge through research activities.


The Department of Chemistry endeavors to be a nationally-recognized model for educating and graduating students prepared to compete in and contribute to the ever-changing, technology-centered world of the 21st century.  To achieve this goal the department is committed to provide a course of study for undergraduates in the chemical sciences which combines curricular and extra-curricular activities to create good quality human resource. It is supported by a dedicated team of staff members. The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to students and faculty members to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and to pursue cutting edge research in a highly encouraging environment. Faculty members are showing keen interest to motivate the students to participate in various aspects like workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums. Responsibility for the department's dual mandate of teaching and research is shared among academic and technical staff.  The Department laboratory has safety measures and is situated in eco-friendly manner. It is proud of producing consistently very good results in the Anna University examinations.

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